Kontinent Dalsland – Team

Henrik Denerin is enjoying a prolific international career as a composer and has been commissioned and performed around the world by ensembles and musicians such as Ensemble Recherche, Ensemble Aleph, Axelsson/Nilsson Duo, Gageego!, Basel Kammerorchester, Athelas, L’instant Donné and Kwartludium at at international festivals including ISCM, Nordic Music days, Donaueschingen, Darmstadt Ferienkurse, Mixtur Festival and around Europe as well as America, Asia and Australia. Born in Tanumshede, Sweden, his education includes a master degree with Luca Francesconi as well as studies with Richard Toop and Karlheinz Stockhausen. As a student he worked as lock-keeper at Dalslands Kanal during the summer holidays.

Ivo Nilsson grew up in Stockholm's historical Old Town and shares his musicianship between composing and the trombone. Internationally celebrated sound artist and musician with many years experience from the Swedish and European musical terrain. Ivo is a member of the contemporary music ensemble KammarensembleN as well as The Royal Swedish Academy of Music, and he has been the director of international festival Stockholm New Music.

Anders Nyqvist plays the trumpet and has been a member of Klangforum Wien since 2004, a leading ensemble for avantgarde music. With a base in Vienna, Anders has an international career as chamber musician and soloist. He has played with many of Europe’s great orchestras, institutions and festivals and has has built up a strong network in the international music world. Beside his music career Anders teaches the trumpet at the university in Vienna and Graz. With the world as his playing field, he feels most at home by the cabin in Ånimskog Dalsland, where he spent most of his childhood.

Anna Lindal with a background as Concertmaster and Professor is a freelancing violinist primarily active within experimental and contemporary chamber music and free improvisation but also in baroque and classical repertoire. Is part of number of different permanent ensembles like Lipparella, Makadam, Skogen, Fire! Orchestra, Violin duo Bäver with Eva Lindal. She has collaborated with many composers and has run several interdisciplinary collaborations with directors, choreographers, fine artists and authors.

  Elsbeth Bergh from Vargön is a viola player within historical and experimental music. As head of the association Levande Musik she tirelessly produces innovative music projects in Region Västra Götaland. Elsbeth is one of the cylinders in the engine that drives Kontinent Dalsland forward. Ensemble Makadam and Karlsson Barock are two of Elsbeth’s other forums.