About Kontinent Dalsland

The grandness of Dalsland, one of Sweden's smallest regions, can only be appreciated by experiencing it first-hand. The gates of the innovative contemporary music world are accessed through a narrow gorge in the majestic mountain range that illustrates today's society. The creativity of young artists today resonates more vibrantly than ever before, and we yearn to accompany them on their journey through that gorge, leading us further into the magical world that opens up beyond . Hence, Kontinent Dalsland provides artists with a unique forum, aiming to nourish the yet unknown creativity of the future, forming an international cultural hub in Dalsland. Here, strong and meaningful artistic imprints will be delivered with uncompromising honesty. In today's society, we are at risk of being consumed by fear of journeys leading us into territories unknown. By romanticising the past, we feel as if we can no longer identify with our current society, thus rather wishing to continue to sing along to what we already know and understand. Therefore, Kontinent Dalsland's conviction is to illuminate the importance of collectively serenading the song we have not yet mastered.

Experience contemporary music in Dalsland, Sweden

Kontinent Dalsland is a new festival that presents some of the most celebrated contemporary artists, composers and sound artists of our time in a forum where the creativity of the future is nurtured and presented in new and innovative ways in order to connect with a wider audience. World premieres and older masterpieces are performed by pioneering artists from jazz, opera, avant-garde, folk music and classical music.